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A while back when i worked at The Comic Book Shoppe (bank st) we had a regular christmas secret santa. The first year i was there i pulled Ted who had a thing for Spider-man. In one of those strange moments of brilliant clarity I whipped up spider-pillow. It was the old Spider-man logo with a round pillow in the middle and 8 3-D legs all made out of comfy fun fur....things have continued in this manner. This is my so called craft

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sewing buddy

So i have a sewing buddy. her name is Kami and she was in teacher's college with me. she expressed interest in learning how to sew and she wanted to make a skirt. so we've been meeting once a week to sew together.

Kami is also experiencing the steep learning curve; luckily i can explain some of it now that i now the "lingo" but we keep finding things on her pattern that make us both go "huh?".

we refer to the sewing bible a lot and talk out ideas which is turning out to be very helpful. plus its incentive to sew at least once a week for a solid block of time. and its fun to have someone to talk to while you work. its also nice to have someone there to help you measure and pin and look at your work when you try it on. sewing buddies rock; thanks Kam.

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