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A while back when i worked at The Comic Book Shoppe (bank st) we had a regular christmas secret santa. The first year i was there i pulled Ted who had a thing for Spider-man. In one of those strange moments of brilliant clarity I whipped up spider-pillow. It was the old Spider-man logo with a round pillow in the middle and 8 3-D legs all made out of comfy fun fur....things have continued in this manner. This is my so called craft

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The apple hat part 2

thankfully the decreasing was simple, it was k2tog which i have come know means "knit two together". very simple really. so following my pattern i decreased as required. the DPs seemed ridiculous when dealing with less than 12 stitches but then i finally got to the brown stem. that was pretty easy as well thankfully.

the catch was making those little green leaves, i had no idea how to make the increases they were talking about. thankfully Rachel had the book Stitch 'n Bitch which i borrowed and it had good clear instructions on increasing. still had to do the leaves 3 times before i had one that i liked but with that little wool being used each time i could afford to be picky.

the end result was quite good.

look ma my first hat!

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