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A while back when i worked at The Comic Book Shoppe (bank st) we had a regular christmas secret santa. The first year i was there i pulled Ted who had a thing for Spider-man. In one of those strange moments of brilliant clarity I whipped up spider-pillow. It was the old Spider-man logo with a round pillow in the middle and 8 3-D legs all made out of comfy fun fur....things have continued in this manner. This is my so called craft

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SSK - sucks, sucks, kill me

I officially dislike this stitch. It seemed so easy in all the books, slip one stitch to the working needles, then another, then put the left needle through the front of both and knit them together.


finally in frustration i did what any good geek grrrl of my generation would do, i hit the internet for a video. Watched it 7 times. I understood what they were doing; i even could explain in my own words what was going on but replicating it in my work while holding DP needles...well those 7 rounds took almost 2 hours. Blaise (smart man) removed himself from the couch (aka Ground Zero) after the first couple of rounds with the the comment "You really don't like that stitch."

What can i say about SSK: i know what it is, i know how to do, i have practiced it for 2 hours, i still passionately despise it.

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