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A while back when i worked at The Comic Book Shoppe (bank st) we had a regular christmas secret santa. The first year i was there i pulled Ted who had a thing for Spider-man. In one of those strange moments of brilliant clarity I whipped up spider-pillow. It was the old Spider-man logo with a round pillow in the middle and 8 3-D legs all made out of comfy fun fur....things have continued in this manner. This is my so called craft

Sunday, August 15, 2010

darn you tomato hat

Trying another hat, this time its a little tomato hat

The first part was easy, just knit in the round for 29 rows adding green as you get near the top. That was the easy bit, then its into SSK which i know means slip 2 then put the left needle through the front and knit.

I did that, was supposed to end up with 63 stitches and ended up with 64 ... nuts... ok so i moved an extra one over...then it just got worse....ok try again. i worked it out on paper and it worked there. i've obviously screwed up so i'll go back to row 29 and start again.

i'll make this hat!!

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Allison said...

If you're still into making baby hat after the tomato, you might like my friend Barbara's Owl hat design.